Frequently Asked Questions

Is this scholarship just for high school students? 

Sorry college/graduate/continuing education student! This scholarship is just for high school students. We hope to add a scholarship for you in the future, but for now it’s only for high school students.

How much is the scholarship worth?

The scholarship is worth 500 dollars.

Is there an application?

No. All of the info you need to send can be put into an email or a word document.

Where do I find this info?

You can find everything you need to submit on How to Apply page.

Where do I send everything? I need an address! 

The only address you need is on the How to Apply page and if you’re too lazy to look there it is scholarshipred@gmail.com. We don’t want you to waste paper, so please scan everything and email it as an attachment. And help save the planet too!

Is this scholarship real?

Yes! We welcome your applications! Besides advancing education, we like to think we are helping beautify college campuses with red hair as well.

I’m Strawberry Blonde, can I apply? 

Yes, your hair is just as unique as ours!

When will you accept application for the next cycle? 

Information about the next cycle will be posted in late fall/early winter.

You didn’t cover my question…

Sorry! We will be more than willing to help so just shoot us an email